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How to Get on Board with EcoRewards

Recycling is important to the environment and your organization, but it should only require minimal effort. We have designed our recycling programs to be easy and stress free to implement and maintain so your valuable time can be spent elsewhere. The easiest part of our program is our consistent list of acceptable materials. If you are unsure if a product can go in our bins just ask yourself if it tears, if so, throw it in!

Paper recycling is the most environmentally friendly type of recycling. Environmental stewardship looks at the big picture, and recycling is just one piece of the process. That’s why Recycling is the 3rd R in Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Your total carbon footprint is the ultimate measure in being earth friendly!

Paper is the easiest material to remove from the waste stream. Save money on your trash bill and earn a monthly rebate with EcoRewards. Moore Recycling provides an easy to locate green and blue EcoRewards front-load bin for your office location emptied on a regular frequency that meets your needs.

Custom compactor services are also available for high volume recyclers. Both services offer a competitive rebate based on commodity market price and weight of recyclable material.

READY: Establish Service

Contact Moore Recycling to reach a recycling professional. Our staff will evaluate your recycling needs and goal and recommend service that fits your budget and facility. Once service level is determined, Moore will deliver a green EcoRewards bin and place at a convenient location.

SET: Spread the Good News about Your Recycling Program

Educate staff, tenants and cleaning crew about EcoRewards with our free downloadable resources. The more people who know about your program, the more successful your recycling efforts will be. Encourage participants to bring newspaper, magazines, and junk mail from home to make sure their recycling is responsibly processed.

GO: Fill Up Your EcoRewards Bin!

The more paper products you remove from the landfill waste stream the more you save on your trash bill. Some companies are eligible for market and weight-based rebates — another way to save on waste disposal.