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Recycle Paper with PaperRetriever

The PaperRetriever program is a free paper recycling program for schools, churches and other community-based organizations within the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The program offers rebates based on volume and market price. For many participants the PaperRetriever program is an effective fundraising strategy. To maximize revenue your school and the community need to be educated about program benefits and included in your success. The more you recycle, the more you earn!

Moore Recycling provides your school or non-profit group with a familiar green recycling bin. We’ll schedule the bin to be emptied on a regular basis as needed.

PaperRetriever services are available at low or no cost to qualified non-profits. Rebates may be available at some locations based on tonnage collected and market commodity process. Organizations also benefit by reducing number and cost of trash pick ups!

How the Program Works

1. Host a PaperRetriever Bin

Sign up as a Collection Location and we’ll place a PaperRetriever recycling bin on your lot where families and neighbors can access it. There’s no cost for bin delivery or recycling pick up with PaperRetriever.

2. Recycle Your Paper

Promote healthy, sustainable habits when you recycle clean paper instead of throwing it in the trash. Recycle office and school papers, newspapers, magazines, books, spirals, and catalogs — anything that tears. PaperRetriever bins hold about 2,000lbs of paper, so fill it up!

3. Promote Your Recycling Fundraiser Program

Use PaperRetriever as a fundraising program and raise awareness on the benefits of recycling paper. Hold community and neighborhood paper drives to increase your paper recycling. Provide feedback to your community on your recycling success to increase participation. The more paper in your recycling bin, the greater you benefit financially. We help you get the word out with printable posters, flyers, presentations, and email graphics.

4. Earn Recycling Rebates

Moore Recycling will empty and weigh your PaperRetriever bin on a regular basis. The weight is collected electronically and is used to calculate your rebate. Rebates are based on market prices, weight collected, and the quality of recyclables.

5. Save Money

When you recycle more paper, your trash bin will be noticeably less full which means an opportunity to reduce trash service and save money non-food waste created at schools and businesses is paper that can be recycled. Putting paper in the trash bin is just throwing away money!

PaperRetriever program not available in all areas. Visit PaperRetriever.com for more service locations. Program has set number of participant slots by area and may have waiting list for acceptance.