Frequently Asked Questions


Can I put cardboard boxes in my EcoRewards bin?

Yes! You may put broken-down, flat cardboard boxes in the EcoRewards bins.


Will I receive a rebate and how much?

Rebates are based on current paper market prices. The market for paper and other recyclables is unpredictable and fluctuates sharply month to month. We have seen both record high and record low paper prices in 2017. When rebates are available, checks are issued twice per year; November and April.


How frequently will my EcoRewards bin be emptied?

Most EcoRewards bins are emptied every week. Recycling is just one part of being environmentally conscientious, and we evaluate earth-friendly practices in our route operations. Should you need more service please contact us to discuss additional pick-ups or bins.


I was not serviced on my regular pick-up day. Why did that happen?

Full bins mean full trucks and more trips to the paper mill. Each time we dump a truck, it leaves the route for sometimes 2-3 hours before returning to where we left off. This causes service delays. Please be patient as we manage spikes in volume. It’s a good thing; it means more people are recycling!


Will Moore Recycling provide recycle bins for offices?

Part of being a good environmental steward is not creating MORE paper products. We suggest reusing existing boxes to collect paper.


The paint on my EcoRewards bin is faded. Can I get a new one?

YES! Please request a bin switch out and we will bring a freshly painted EcoRewards bin.